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The ELLIOTI PROJECT is an independent project financed by Primate Conservation Inc. and The Rufford Foundation. It focuses on the protection of the endangered Nigeria-Cameroon chimpanzee (Pan troglodytes ellioti) in the North-West Region of Cameroon (NWC). The project is the brainchild of primatologist and conservationist Osiris A. DOUMBE.



1) To map the distribution of the Nigeria-Cameroon chimpanzee in the NWC

2) To determine the relative population density of the Nigeria-Cameroon chimpanzee in the NWC 

3) To educate local citizens on conservation in the NWC  


The Nigeria-Cameroon chimpanzee is the least studied and most endangered subspecies of chimpanzee (Morgan et al., 2011). Of the four subspecies, it has the smallest geographic distribution and lowest estimated total population size, with approximately 3,500 to 9,000 individuals remaining in the wild. Restricted mainly to the lowland and montane forests of South-East Nigeria and Western Cameroon (north of the Sanaga River), the small distribution of P. t ellioti overlaps with some of the most populated areas in West Africa (Morganet al., 2011).

The Bamenda Highlands

Montane Forest


From the road to Bafoussam

Putty-nosed monkey (Cercopithecus nicticans martini)

Another primate of the NWC

The Bamenda Highlands

Riparian Forest

In recent years, increased land use for cattle grazing and agriculture has led to significant habitat loss for the Nigeria-Cameroon chimpanzee. Chimpanzee communities within the same region, as well as between different regions, are becoming increasingly isolated. The effect of spatial isolation can lead to reduced gene flow between different populations and ultimately a loss of genetic diversity. Habitat loss may also lead to reduced resource availability, which in turn can modify dispersal patterns and increase territorial disputes between communities over resources.

IUCN current  P. t. ellioti classififcation: Endangered (Oates  et al.  2008 IUCN Red List website ).

Perrine odier sanagayong 4




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Morgan, B.   et al.  (2011)  Regional Action Plan for the Conservation of the Nigeria-Cameroon Chimpanzee ( Pan troglodytes ellioti ).  IUCN / SSC Primate Specialist Group and Zoological Society of San Diego, CA, USA.

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